Auction & Drawing Plants

September Meeting 2019 Auction & Hibiscus Drawing Plants

Hibiscus Drawing Plants


An easy to grow classic for many years now Chads produces super vibrant and energetic red blooms with fantastic gold splashing. The blooms pop from the dark green foliage and are a joy to view all day long.

Chai Tea

Not only is Chai Tea a slice of heaven for any brown bloom lover but it also has a few surprised for you too. The blooms get a metallic copper/brown speckled look to them as well as bursts of yellow show up with the white veining in summer heat. The medium size flowers bloom on an easy to grow plant that you can put just about anywhere. We love our Chai Tea!

Creole Belle

Creole Belle is another classic that has been popular with growers for many years. It has a very unique look and color combo not found among any other hibiscus bloom out there. This Dupont hybrid is easy to grow and the blooms are very large producing a WOW factor anytime you are near her blooms.

Electric Pizzaz

This medium size bloom has a wonderful combination of brown, red and burgundy. It is a good bloomer and easy to grow – if you like those spicy brown blooms this one is a must have. Photo courtesy of Bill Schmidt

Hot Pepper

Yet another classic exotic hibiscus that has been around for many years and is a proud parent of some very famous progeny. Hot Pepper is a super easy to grow plant that blooms like crazy when in it’s happy zone.

Me Oh My Oh

Yet another classic hybrid from Dupont Nursery, Me Oh My Oh is a fun and colorful bloom with hues of pink, purple, magenta and red. It changes it’s look with the season so lots to keep you interested and excited. It’s blooms on an easy to grow bush with medium size flowers.

Night Runner

One of the most famous hybrids from Dupont Nursery this cultivar is sought after all over the world. As you can see it has a tremendous mix of colors that is hard to compare in the flower world. The blooms are very large with very fancy ruffling to make it the complete package.

Persian Rug

Persian Rug blooms with beautiful hues of pink, lavender and magenta later producing a large yellow outer color band. The blooms are medium size and do best in a semi shaded area to avoid rapid fading. This cultivar has been around for many years and is hybridized by Barry Schlueter who has many famous hybrids.


It’s hard to describe this stunning medium to large size bloom. In cooler weather it is mostly orange with hints of yellow splashing. In hotter weather it goes crazy and gets super splashed all over the place and loves to produce petaloids to top it off. Raku is your typical Hidden Valley Hibiscus plant which means easy to grow, super lush and a good bloomer.

Soul Mate

With stunning colors of brown, yellow and white with a striking red eye Soul Mate is a super eye catcher in the flower world. This hybrid comes all the way from Pushpa Suresh in India making it an exotic stunner that will put the WOW in your garden. The blooms are small but make up for it with their amazing colors.

Sun Showers

If you like blooms that you can see from down the street and are ultra vibrant Sun Showers is a must have. These medium size blooms are show stoppers with a fiery flare that let you know you have something special here. The bush is kind of wild like the blooms but is incredibly vigorous and the plant is an amazing bloomer.


We just love the colors on this bloom and the name if perfect for them. Super pretty autumn colors on a stunning bloom that has thick textured petals so give this flower a stunning look. The blooms are large on an easy to grow and lush plant.

Tahitian Taui

Very large and stunning blooms that are breath taking to say the least. This hybrid from Richard Johnson in Tahiti is a classic exotic hibiscus that is sought after far and wide. Incredible shades of blue, red and burgundy set on an ivory background the picture says it all. It also grows on a vigorous tall plant that is a good bloomer.

Bonus Hibiscus Drawing Plant


It’s hard to begin to describe a bloom like this. Insane colors of pink, magenta and lavender with white splashing. It blooms as as single in cool weather and a double in warmer weather. Magnifique is another classic hybrid from Dupont Nursery that has been around for years and is a must have for any serious collector.

Auction Plants


Bessie is a very hard to get beautiful red double on a lush plant that blooms all the time. In hot weather it even gets some white splashing to add to the scrumptious blooms. If you like doubles this is a must have without a doubt!

City Slicker

City Slicker is another classic Dupont hybrid with beautiful bands of magenta, red and pink. The medium size blooms change colors throughout the year becoming more intense with summer heat.

Rainbow Lullaby

Hailing from the land of aloha Rainbow Lullaby is gorgeous hybrid from The Hibiscus Lady of Hawaii, Jill Coryell. This large size bloom has wonderful colors of yellow, pink, lavender and an inky purple. It blooms on a very easy to grow and super vigorous plant. This is a very hard to get plant so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Simple Pleasures

We can’t get enough of this wonderful classic that every grower should have in their collection. The large and super fancy blooms are a gorgeous blend of yellow, pink and a double red eye. It blooms on an easy to grow super vigorous plant that can produce multiple blooms every day. A delight to have in your garden.

Tahitian Heaven’s Ascent

This is the first time ever this cultivar is being offered for sale or auction. Incredible colors of lavender, purple, grey and pink on a ruffly bloom. This large size bloom will move you and put you in another realm. A hybrid from Richard Johnson that was grown from seed here in Southern California we are happy to offer this incredibly rare plant to you.

Tahitian Star Queen Nebula

TSQN is a voracious bloomer on a strong and lush plant. The small to medium size flowers bloom with colors of deep purple, lavender and pink with white rays shooting out from a red eye to complete this stunning bloom. The blooms change constantly with the weather so always get a surprising mix of these fantastic colors. Ultra personality!

Tahitian Sunkissed

Another 1st time offering here at the SCHS – Tahitian Sunkissed is a warm & gorgeous medium to large size bloom that gets bright yellow or white petaloids often. The colors seem simple but the combinations with the pretty veining makes this one a constant delight. It blooms on an easy to grow bush with dark lush leaves. Another great hybrid from Richard Johnson grown by seed here in Southern California

Victoria’s Touch

This ultra stunning beauty is incredibly hard to find and we are fortunate enough to be offering it to our members for auction this month. Victoria’s Touch is a wonderful blend of purple, red and magenta on an attractive medium size bloom. The plant is easy to grow and a good bloomer. Highly recommend!

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