Welcome to the home of Tropical Hibiscus Growing in Southern California. We think our region is the premier growing location in the world for exotic hibiscus. With our warm and dry climate we can grow them outdoors year round without most of the challenges other growers endure like pests, freezing temps and plant diseases. Our website if full of great info and gorgeous photos to give you a quick dive into the fascinating world of hibiscus.



Island Queen – Hybridized by Charles Black of Hidden Valley Hibiscus


June 2024 Meeting – Free Hibiscus Cuttings for All Attendees!





Thank you for visiting the SCHS website

Darren and his beautiful hibiscus I would like to warmly welcome you to our society and website where we celebrate and enjoy the colorful world of hibiscus in Southern California.  For those that grow exotic hibiscus we have all the inside scoops and expert hacks needed to avoid the challenging learning curve that comes with growing them. We think you will not find a better online resource for growing and caring of hibiscus anywhere. There is tons of great information here and recommend to check back often as we are continually adding more resources at your disposal as we learn more by the season.





We are a relatively new and very friendly group of passionate people from all backgrounds and orientations. The SCHS meets monthly at grower’s homes and other tropically themed landscaped settings. You will be amazed at the beauty and positive influence hibiscus can put into your life!


Meetings consist of live information sessions from growing masters and one of a kind auctions & raffles with some very hard to get exotic hibiscus plants. You will be glad you took a few hours out of your monthly schedule to spend time with us.



We are so very fortunate to have the premier exotic hibiscus hybridizers here in our own backyard! Charles and Cindy Black have been growing and hybridizing hibiscus for over 30 years. They are pioneers in their field as they are the only ones to have created a gene pool of strong, vigorous hibiscus plants with huge blooms that bloom constantly.

We highly recommend exploring their website which is a wealth of information and it is the place to buy top notch hibiscus care products.

Hidden Valley Hibiscus Online