June 2023 Meeting – Costa Mesa Tropical Paradise

We are very fortunate to be holding our second meeting at the beautiful home of Mike and Suzie McGuire in Costa Mesa. Their property is immaculately landscaped with an incredible variety of tropical plants and palms. There is a ton of wondrous sights to take in here in this quaint coastal community location. There are so many stunning tropical plants tucked into every corner and nook that you can spend hours enjoying the incredible effort and care The McGuires have put into their home . If you want to experience being transported to a tropical dream oasis this is your kind of place. Our last meeting here was a blast and we have been chomping at the bit to be able to visit this green tropical oasis once again. This meeting will be a potluck event so please bring the following items by first letter of your last name: A-G Beverages, H-M Desserts, N-S Entrees & T-Z Side Dish. If you wish to attend this awesome get together please email us at: socalhibiscussociety@gmail.com or use the contact form on our website:  SCHS Contact Form

June 2023 Bonus Meeting – Paradise Garden in Simi Valley

  In our ongoing series of finding hidden gems in Southern California the SCHS is honored to hold our June meeting at the home of George Campos. As we expand our borders we are so happy to look north and have our first event in Ventura County. This is a beautifully landscaped property full of a wide variety of plant and tree species sure to delight any plant or flower lover. There is something to enjoy at every turn that will keep you busy exploring and admiring. This is a valuable opportunity to learn how one person with a vision and passion replaced tons of concrete and rebar with a wonderful array of tropical plants and trees. This time of year in Simi Valley is typically most comfortable and perfect for an outdoor function.  This meeting will be a potluck event so please help us make this a well rounded experience for all that attend. More info to come!

July 2023 Meeting – Dr Curtis’ Hibiscus & Plumeria Estate

  Our annual highlight event of each year for the SCHS. We will let the photos do the talking. And yes we are having two meetings in the month of June. Got to start summer off with a bang! For those who have never been to Dr Curtis' home he has close to 400 hibiscus planted in ground and dozens upon dozens of mature plumeria trees. It doesn't get better than this!  

July 2023 Bonus Meeting – Diem Nguyen Plumeria Paradise

We are thrilled to be holding our July meeting once again at the home of Diem Nguyen. For those of you who don't know Diem is the premier plumeria grower and seller in Southern California. Not only is this a rare opportunity to purchase from dozens of top notch varieties of plumeria but we get to combine the best of both the hibiscus and plumeria worlds together for one fantastic day. Plumeria are the perfect companion plant for hibiscus and we highly encourage our members and all hibiscus growers to add these beauties to your landscaping. And for those of us who have run out of space plumeria take up the vertical space above your hibiscus. Now isn't that just the perfect win-win!  

August 2023 Meeting – Oceanside Hibiscus Haven

We are very excited to announce that we will be holding our first meeting ever in the Oceanside area. The Hansens have a bustling hibiscus garden that is growing leaps and bounds in just a few years. This is a great opportunity to see what it takes to successfully start and get a great hibiscus landscaping theme up and running. More info to come!    

September 2023 Meeting – Long Beach North Shore Hibiscus

We are delighted to be once again holding a meeting at the gorgeous and quaint home of Bill Cliatt in North Long Beach. Bill has done a masterful job of utilizing every square foot of property to create an uplifting and exciting experience for anyone fortunate enough to visit. Their backyard is really something special as literally there is something growing everywhere you look. Yet it is all done so perfectly with each plant or tree getting the happy space they need. And to top it off they have a greenhouse in the backyard too. There's always a great level of perfect zen going on here at the North Shore of Long Beach!

Sherman Library Plant Sales Event

Sherman Library 2647 E Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA, United States

The SCHS will be holding our own plant sales event at the world famous Sherman Library in Corona Del Mar. We will be selling dozens upon dozens of exotic hibiscus plants at this event. This is not a meeting but it is always well worth it to visit the Sherman Library with the incredibly beautiful and well maintained multiple themed gardens. If you are looking to get the best varieties of highly coveted hibiscus cultivars we recommend to come early. The last time we did this event we had a line of people waiting to get in at opening to buy plants. See for yourself:

November 2023 Meeting – Colorlicious Hibiscus Gardens

  Get ready to get your glam and glitz on as we take on Hollywood for our November meeting. With over 200 hibiscus plants growing in ground all expertly cared for this is another great opportunity to learn how best to grow hibiscus. Fall is the best time of year to see hibiscus in Southern California in bloom so lots to take in and enjoy. More info to come!