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This section of our website is packed with great information on not only how to grow hibiscus in Southern California but in way to get them to thrive and make your home and garden and colorful delight. We are adding new information and techniques as we continue to evolve and learn more about best practices for optimal results. Please use the drop down menu to access sections dedicated to specific growing and care specialities.



The Southern California Coastal Plain offers one of the few growing climates in all of the United States that is well suited for growing exotic hibiscus outdoors all year round. If you live in surrounding geographic areas like Inland Valleys, Coastal Mountains or the Interior Desert areas you will need to take actions to protect your plants during the times of year when the weather conditions exceed the required growing conditions.  Both hot and cold stretches which can last for months in some areas can quickly weaken your plants and that is when you see the pests like white flies start to show up in significant numbers.

Moorea Imperial Blossom hybridized by Charles Atiu of Moorea, French Polynesia



The ideal temperature range for hibiscus is 60-95F with humidity above 50%. Hibiscus leaves are not evolved to handle direct sunlight over 95F so anything over that will stress your plant and cause it to shed leaves, drop buds and reduce bloom sizes. Temperatures under 50F will start to significantly slow down your plants metabolism, resulting in very slow growth if any, monotone blooms that are small, and most importantly a much slower uptaking of water and nutrients. This is very important if your plants are in heavy, wet soil as that water will just sit there.  Combined with the colder seasonal temperatures this can very quickly lead to root rot which hibiscus easily get with their tender root systems. We recommend if you are growing your exotic hibiscus areas prone to these conditions to grow your plants in pots so you can move them as needed for proper protection. In winter move to locations that are wind protected and sheltered from nighttime lows near or under freezing. In summer if temperatures regularly exceed 95F then dappled shade or elimination from exposure to afternoon direct sunlight is required. 

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