Flower Show Bloom Prep and Transport

Getting your flowers to the show in best possible condition is the most important aspect for an exhibitor to complete successfully. There is a process to learn that really is a skill to master to ensure you get the best results for your blooms when delivering them to a flower show. Todd Alvis of the Red Stick Chapter of the American Hibicus Society has been doing this for many years and shares with us how he preps and transports his blooms to a flower show.

Cutting Your Blooms

The SCHS uses alligator clips on place card holder blocks to display blooms at a flower show. It is important when cutting your bloom that you leave enough of the bud stem so that your bloom has stem to deeply insert into the clip.

Prepping Your Bloom

In order to best preserve your bloom and keep it from getting any damage before and during transport here are some steps you can take.

You can use these Solo paper funnels. But you can also take wax paper and roll it in a funnel to accomplish the same thing.
Take the bloom and put it in a funnel to protect the petals.
Take the funnel and put it in a solo cup but you can use anything you want. The goal here is to make sure it can stand up on its own and not crush the funnel. You can place these in a refrigerator for up to two days with the temperature close to 50 degrees. We recommend trying this ahead of time just to get a feel for it. When you take the blooms out make sure to put them in a box to keep them away from humidity because the cold bloom will get condensation very quickly and destroy the bloom.