Auction & Drawing Plants

August Meeting 2019 Auction & Hibiscus Drawing Plants

Hibiscus Drawing Plants

Daisy Mae

Very large super rich yellow blooms that you can see down the street. The plant is incredibly vigorous and easy to grow and is a fantastic bloomer. This is a must have for any exotic hibiscus collector


The splashing on this bloom in summer heat is very impressive with huge blocks of yellow and orange splashes. They become so big they are like their own color zones. This one also produces great petaloid action when happy. Another hot bloom!

Birds of a Feather

The large and striking eye zone on these blooms are eye catchers and combined with the contrasting colors and dramatic form makes BOAF an intense looking bloom that stand out amongst the lush foliage of the plant.

Crimson Kiss

This cultivar has a wonderful shade of red with blooms expressing a pretty texture of ruffling. Easy to grow and a good bloomer this one has been a classic for many years.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty has a combination of soft and pretty colors that make for a beautiful bloom. If you have spot with decent shade this is a good one for it so the colors don’t fade for a long time.

Metallic Magic

It is hard to describe the colors on MM as it is a combination of brown and orange on the petals that can vary from mostly orange to mostly brown with each bloom. The main attraction of this bloom is the stunning silver halo around the large red eye

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa is an easy to grow lovely brown bloomer with a large lipstick red eye and beautiful white veining. If you like brown blooms this is a must have.

Tahitian Violet Radiance

Abounding with beautiful shades of magenta, purple and pink TVR blooms with very large blooms on a vigorous and easy to grow bush. It is also a good parent to hybridize with so a big bonus for anyone who wants to create some new hibiscus

Hibiscus Drawing Upgrade Plant: Bantam Rooster

The photo says it all: A crazy mix of brown, orange, yellow and red. The blooms have tons of personality on a plant that is easy to grow and is a good bloomer. Each bloom is different and there is no end to the combinations of colors it produces

Auction Plants

Acapulco Gold

This classic hibiscus is stunner with huge blooms on a very easy to grow vigorous plant. AG has been known to produce incredible bloom displays if planted in ground. We have had it with 100 blooms at once which is just insane!

Simple Pleasures

Another classic that every collector should have. Beautiful ruffled formed blooms with a wonderful combination of colors that pleases the eye and never gets old. SP is also a fantastic parent if you are interested in hybridizing. Easy to grow and a super bloomer SP is usually the first to start blooming and puts on show constantly

Firelit Sky

Stunning colors of magenta, orange and gold splashing this one is an eye catcher. It also tends to have more of a windmill look to the form of the blooms with little or no petal overlap making for a unique look. The bush is very large and lush making it easy to grow.

Meditation Garden

Striking colors of red, blue, pink and yellow MG is a pretty bloom on a great plant. If you have a shady spot the colors will hold and last a long time.

Vin Magnifique

Vin Magnifique produces huge blooms on a vertical growing bush. The blooms can be all red in winter to these beautiful shades of blue and purple in summer heat. The plant is easy to grow but requires a lot of pruning to encourage branching and more lush growth

Tropical Spritz

Beautiful hot tropical colors TS makes any garden come alive with it’s happy blooms. The plant is easy to grow and is unique in that it has deeply lobed leaves which give this cultivar a unique and exotic look.

Babe in the Woods

BITW will bloom a pretty light pink in winter and a darker inky blue in summer with gorgeous form and nice ruffling. This is good one to grow in a shadier spot to help the bloom colors hold their own throughout the day.

Plumeria Plants

We are fortunate that are host Diem Nguyen has donated three very hard to get outstanding plumeria plants for our auction. These are three wonderful varieties from Thailand and as you can see are stunning.

Golden Noi

Nui Delight

Siam Red

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