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Auction Plants for September 2017 Meeting

Below are the five auction plants for our Sept 2017 meeting. Each plant is a very healthy and medium sized plant with multiple branches and are on their way to being fantastic bushes. In addition to the five auction plants below we will have five very large extra mature...

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New Hibiscus Species Discovered in the Solomon Islands

It is not everyday that a new species of flora is discovered.  Check out the link to read all about it. Savurua Botanical Gardens Fiji – Many thanks to Damon Veach of the Red Stick Hibiscus Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society for sharing this with us.

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Hibiscus: The Story of Malaysia’s National Flower

Original article published on: Author: Ewe Park Leong Belonging to the Malvaceae family, the hibiscus is characterized by a trumpet- shaped receptacle, five petals and a long pollen tube. The flower measures from 5 to 14 cm broad. How the hibiscus, dubbed the Queen of Tropical Flowers, was...

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