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Auction Plants for September 2017 Meeting

Below are the five auction plants for our Sept 2017 meeting. Each plant is a very healthy and medium sized plant with multiple branches and are on their way to being fantastic bushes. In addition to the five auction plants below we will have five very large extra mature exotic hibiscus that we will give away or if more than one person is interested will auction off. Those are Midsummer Night, Deep Water, Slapstick, Sea of Tranquility and Maui Dancer. These five plants are so big that they might have trouble fitting in a car and should be planted either in ground or in very large pots. Whoever gets them will have plants with years of strong growth and are built like tanks.

Swan Lake



Water Therapy




Interstellar Flight



Sonic Boom




Amelia Earhart


The next five photos are for the super large hibiscus that we will either give away or auction off depending on demand….


Midsummer Night







Deep Waters



Sea of Tranquility


Maui Dancer



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