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Hibiscus: The Story of Malaysia’s National Flower

Original article published on: Author: Ewe Park Leong Belonging to the Malvaceae family, the hibiscus is characterized by a trumpet- shaped receptacle, five petals and a long pollen tube. The flower measures from 5 to 14 cm broad. How the hibiscus, dubbed the Queen of Tropical Flowers, was...

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End of January and 1st Spring Growth Spurts are Starting!

It is rather amazing to see that in the 2nd half of January we are already starting to see the first new growth spurts for our hibiscus plants here in Southern California.  Even though some of the plants look like they are dead they are in hibernation waiting for...

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Hibiscus Cider – Perfect for the Holidays

Whether aiming to please at a holiday party this year or curling up by the fireplace with a good book try this delicious, refreshing, and seasonally inspired Hibiscus Cider recipe created for you by Glen Ivy’s own Executive Chef, Bill Wavrin! You can make...

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