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Is your landscaping producing a bloomfest 2 weeks before the winter solstice?




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Can someone please tell me what other drought tolerant landscaping or any other outdoor landscaping for that matter in Southern California is blooming away like this right now? All around my neighborhood I see plants losing their leaves, blooms are few and far between and lots of brown everywhere… Hibiscus are as resilient as they are beautiful when you know how to take good care of them. Take a look in our website and get your feet wet. There is an undiscovered world of beauty waiting for those who are ready. This is just the tip of the iceberg!


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Not only are they beautiful and amazing but a total hummingbird and butterfly attractor as well.

Darren's Driveway View 12-7

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(Sorry about the messy pots lined up in the photo but I am taking care of some sick plants given to me. They need lots of sun and warmth this time of year when not doing well. Best spot on the property for that!)

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