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Our First Video in a Series of Hibiscus How-To Instructional Videos

Root Pruning Screenshot

Did you know that if you do not root prune your potted hibiscus they will eventually die? Yes – they become so root bound that they will be unable to pull up enough nutrients to survive. You can continue to pot up your hibiscus into larger containers but at some point they become so big and heavy it is a challenge to move them around as needed. Our advice is to keep them in the size pots you desire and prune the roots instead. You will see a big difference in your plants performance as well as much increased longevity.

Our esteemed member Brad Daniels, “The Hibiscus Whisperer,” takes you on an interesting and informative journey covering all the particulars you will need to do the job right the first time. Sit back, relax and take in a valuable instructional video that will help you obtain an important skill needed to grow hibiscus successfully.

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