Auction & Drawing Plants

June Meeting 2019 Auction & Drawing Plants

Drawing Plants

All raffle plants are in 4″ pots

Chai Tea

What sets this bloom apart from all other brown blooms is that it has a metallic, speckled look to it with hues of copper, puter, gold and hints of green at times. The plant is vigorous and easy to grow, great for beginners.

Metallic Magic

This bloom has a stunning metallic silver halo around a cherry red eye with gorgeous flecks of orange on top of a blended orange and brown flower.

Rose Quartz

If you are a purple and blue flower bloom lover this one is perfect for you. It has intricate mixes of white and grey amongst blue and pink. The medium sized blooms have tons of personality on an easy to grow plant that blooms frequently.

Fly Me To The Moon

This banded beauty has a unique combination of colors with an intense dark black/burgundy eye that morphs into dark red and then inky browns. You can also see the petal texture has wonderful tufting which is rare in the hibiscus world. The blooms are very large and another easy to grow plant.

Midsummer Night

A super easy to grow and vigorous vertical grower – MN produces a wide array of magenta and purple variations on ever changing colored blooms. Good for tight spots and loves to be pruned.

Wham Bam

Super large blooms with a huge red eye zone this one stands out from across the street jumping out at you from the dark green foliage it produces. It has a pretty pink bleed coming out of the halo and the blooms often get a speckled orange look to them adding to the dramatic look.


A wonderful array of banded colors with a large eye that bleeds into the next color band. This is one dramatic bloom that is fantastic for photography with such stunning colors including a greenish grey color band.

Out of the Ashes

Stunning mix of thick lipstick red and a wonderful blue edging. The blooms can become quite large adding to the show stopping effect. The bush is super vigorous but requires continual pruning to produce more branching as it has a more vertical growth tendency.

Auction Plants

All auction plants are established, mature plants

Vein of Gold

An easy to grow, lush plant that needs strong sunlight and warmth to produce the amazing splashing that accompanies a striking hot pink peppermint eye zone. The bloom is a stunner when in top form!

Walking On Sunshine

A vigorous and easy to grow plant with gorgeous blooms that have those iconic tropical sunset colors we can’t get enough of. The eye is a very pretty deep magenta that swirls into pink with pink rays exploding onto the orange and yellow color bands. A good bloomer too!


An exceptional cultivar with regal blooms of the highest caliber of form and coloration. The heavily textured petals are further enhanced by strong tufting. The eye is a beautiful and dramatic dark red which contrasts nicely with the grey color band around it. The yellow edging and fancy ruffling complete this delightful package.

Spice Island

This cultivar can bloom as a single in cooler weather and an outrageous double with in your face bright yellow splashing. This one lives up to it’s name and then some. Also a good bloomer too! Every hibiscus garden needs this one!


Beautiful shades of red, purple and pink that gets white splashing in hot weather. Also pretty white petaloids round out the package for a unique and stunning look. This cultivar needs lots of heat to get the full color array going so a sunny spot would be ideal. Has only been offered for sale once before by HVH.


This very hard to get splashed beauty is a showstopper. The blooms are large with stunning large splashes of rich yellow laid upon the hot orange blooms that pop from the lush dark green foliage of the plant. This cultivar does great in full sun and strong heat. You won’t see this one offered again for a while.

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