Exclusive! New Hibiscus Series!

Kaliponi ʻEkahi – First California
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The Southern California Hibiscus Society (SCHS) and Hawai’i–based Hibiscus Lady Nursery are pleased to commence a new series of hibiscus cultivars, The Kaliponi Series, celebrating the very special relationship between the Golden and Aloha States. Each carefully selected and vetted hybrid will be offered exclusively to current dues-paying SCHS for a limited time. Depending on how many plants are available and sold, the offering may be opened to the general public.

Kaliponi ʻEkahi – First California

  • The inaugural offering of the Kaliponi Series from Hibiscus Lady Nursery.
  • Offered exclusively to The Southern California Hibiscus Society until June 30, 2015.
  • Plants are in 5” to 6” pots, inspected and cost $30, plus shipping.
  • Currently, there are less than 20 plants available.

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  • Mother: Flora Haynes (whose parents are Nadine Kahanamoku X Milree Park)
  • Father: Kauakea (whose parents are Sweet Sarah X Marian Moody)

Kaliponi ʻEkahi has no siblings, with only one viable seed in the pod. Kaliponi ʻEkahi first blossomed on December 8, 2013, only 10 months after her seed was planted.

Kaliponi ʻEkahi is normally a 6” double blossom but can be bigger. Her petals are a bright watermelon pink, with tiny yellow veins, followed by a 1” wide edge ring of bright sunshine yellow. Kaliponi ʻEkahi has good ruffling and is a fine bloomer on a beautiful bush. With native Hawai’ian hibiscus ancestry, Kaliponi ʻEkahi has a light fragrance 90% of the time in O’ahu.

To order, please email David for your redemption code at vicepres at socalhibiscussociety.org and include your code when you place your order with Hibiscus Lady Nursery.