November 13, 2018

November Meeting 2018 Auction & Raffle Plants


Fire Cracker




Valentine’s Day












Sun Showers






Sweetness & Light



Typhoon Blues




Dazzle Me



Ruby Ring






Warm Me Up



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September 19, 2018

September Meeting Auction & Raffle Plants

Auction Plants 

Sun Showers


Typhoon Blues


Farewell Kiss


Dupont Pink Beauty




Sugar Kisses


Raffle Plants

Simple Pleasures – 5 plants


Hula Dancer – 3 plants



Dupont Fair Beauty


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August 16, 2018

August 2018 Auction & Raffle Plants


Tahitian Udi’s Sunset


Tahitian Orange Sparkles



Taiwan Starry Sky













Easter Basket



Prom Dress



Vintage Charm

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July 18, 2018

July Meeting Auction Plants

Arabian Princess – a wonderful blend of unusual colors that is a stunning bloom. The colors get more intense the more sun and heat this plant gets. A 2 year old plant that is ready to explode with growth.




Crinkle in Time – This hibiscus has rare tufting and blooms in a dazzling blue and hot pink combo. If you have a shady spot this one is perfect as the colors do fade quickly on the bloom. This one comes in a 6″ pot and is already 3 ft tall. It needs to get potted up so it can do it’s thing. It’s ready and waiting.




Deepest Love – a very mature and multi-branched plant looking for a loving home. This one is hard to get and is not for sale often. If you are a lover of magenta colored blooms then this one is for you.




Kiss and Cry – a new 2018 hybrid from HVH that sells out quickly but of course we got one for you. Looks to be an easy to grow and vigorous plant so a good one for beginner growers. 



Sculpted – this one has quickly become the favorite of many of us and should be in every growers collection. Outstanding heavily textured blooms with ultra fancy form and ruffling. The blooms are so thick that they easily last two days which is important as it fades the look it achieves is quite extraordinary. The colors standout with the very striking large dark red eye set against  beautiful grey petals with a ruffly peachy-yellow edge. First photo is the opening look, second photo is the late day look. 


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June 22, 2018

Auction Plants for SCHS June 2018 Meeting


Summer’s Beauty – a new hybrid from The Hibiscus Lady of Hawaii









Water Therapy 




Sweet Persuasion

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