Latest Past Events

SCHS September 2022 Meeting

Hello Hibiscus Friends,   Our next meeting for this year will take place on Saturday September 24th at Colorlicious Hibiscus Gardens in Hollywood. For those of you who have not been there before it is a small residential property in historic Larchmont Village that has over 300 exotic hibiscus planted in ground. This is a great […]

SCHS August 2022 Meeting

Hello Hibiscus Friends,   We are very excited to announce our next meeting for this year at our favorite location of locations. Dr Ernest Curtis' beautiful and mind blowing hibiscus gardens property in North Tustin, Orange County. If there is a meeting not to miss this is it!    As usual Dr Curtis has not rested a […]

SCHS July Meeting 2022

Long Beach Veterans Administration Patients Gardens 5901 E 7th St, Long Beach

We are finally going to be holding our first meeting of 2022. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the ongoing pandemic and make sure that we can create a safe event for all that attend.   Our July Meeting will be at the same venue as last July which is the Long Beach Veterans […]