Companion Plants

Through the course of field trials and research we have discovered there are other great plants that grow in the same conditions as exotic hibiscus.  What is important is to have complimentary plants that not also flourish in the same sort of soil and watering circumstances but also do not negatively impact plants around them with things like excessive leaf drop, root intrusion, outcompeting for sun, etc…Some clients are so enthralled with exotic hibiscus that is all they want in certain sections of their property while others are looking for a sensible blend of like-minded plants.

Plumeria are outstanding since they like the same fertilizer mix and soil conditions but what really sets them apart are two factors.  First off they are another blooming machine set among rich green foliage so they add another cheerful element to your garden.  Second many plumeria are scented so we can add in that sensory delight to your landscaping (they are still working on incorporating scent into exotic hibiscus).  Lastly plumeria create a nice canopy for hibiscus in the summer and lose their leaves in the winter so the hibiscus can get the sun and heat when they need it the most.  Great synergy!