The Resources section is divided into 4 main area:

Published Works

There is no definitive guide for growing Hibiscus in Southern California – yet!
We’ve complied a brief list of general guides to gardening in SoCal and listed a number of monographs that pertain to Hibiscus.

General References

 The New Western Garden Book: The Ultimate Gardening Guide (Sunset Western Garden Book) by The Editors of Sunset Magazine
The go-to reference for generations. Helpful climate guide, pest identification and very basic landscape design.
A beginners book. Excellent if you are new to gardening in California but not the best resource for Hawai’i. A single page on all the species of hibiscus that the authors believe will grow in the West.



 Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening (3rd Edition): Month by Month by Pat Welsh
A fantastic, down to earth guide for gardening in SoCal. Lots of lists, hints and tips.
Marvelous sections on compost, pruning and dealing with Santa Ana winds. Highly recommended!



Landscape Plants for California Gardens Hardcover by Robert C. Perry
Clocking in at over 7 pounds, this is the best professional/ardent home gardener book in publication. Taking off from where the Sunset book leaves off, the author groups plants in water, sun exposure, function, etc. Not a lot of focus on lawns or annuals, this is a superb reference on shrubs, tress, fruits and structure.




Hibiscus by Jacqueline Walker
New Zealand-based author gives a nice and well-written overview of tropical and hardy hibiscus in a variety situations.
A good beginner’s book.





Hibiscus: Hardy and Tropical Plants for the Garden by Barbara Perry Lawton
Lawton’s book is comprehensive in its treatment of the history and the species of Hibiscus. Not a guide for growing or propagation.










The Tropical Hibiscus Handbook by Patricia Burns Merritt and the American Hibiscus Society
A grand review of hibiscus and related species. Contains an invaluable leaf shape guide. Cultivar listing, propagation guide and pest assistance. A must for any serious grower.








 Growing Hibiscus (Growing Series) by Les Beers & Jim Howie
Beers & Howie, Australian co-authors, explore hibiscus and include sections on uses, sports and nutrition.








Hibiscus Around The World by Ross H. Gast (Letters to J.W. Staniford)
The collected letters of Los Angeles’ own renowned hybridizer from the 1950s in the ‘60s. An advanced tome for the adventurous planter.